Coming April 10th, 2020

Brian’s 20th album project, aptly titled “XX,” is a genre-bending ride through tracks reminiscent of all of BC’s albums.

“It’s a mix of things that I’ve done throughout my twenty records. There’s a lot of funky instrumentals, some pop-sounding tracks, a couple slow jams, straight-ahead jazz, gospel, some vocals, lots of horns and some straight-up FUNK!” said Culbertson. “The album is very much a mixture of some modern sounding programming along with live instruments, too. Real drums on almost everything mixed with programming. Definitely a cool sound.” 


Currently, I’m holding an Indiegogo Campaign for this project (Nov 4th - Jan 3rd). Please consider contributing to this campaign to be a part of the making of the album!

Stay tuned for more information about this milestone album…