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Here's a quick page about purchasing tickets to the Funk! Tour. Thanks for reading...


In booking out this tour, I wanted the chance to be able to offer my fans the best possible seats with the lowest ticketing fee pricing. I learned a lot about ticketing through the process and felt like I should put together a basic FAQ of getting tickets through the FUNK! Tour.

I've never done a tour like this before, so I wanted to make sure you have the most information to make the best decision about what shows to attend. I'll apologize in advance for the wordiness, but more information is better than less information in this case :)

To offer fans direct access to great seats and do so at a lower ticket pricing, I decided to work with Applauze.

Applauze is a third party fan service company that has worked with a ton of major artists and events. I like their philosophy of working with promoters to keep annoying ticketing fees down.

My managers and agents work with the promoters in each city to get access to tickets that are sold on Applauze.  So, for many dates the links you're seeing will be sold on an Applauze page.

Some promoters don't allow me to sell tickets on Applauze, and in those cases, you can buy tickets through their website. In the links HERE, I've noted which is which so you won't get confused.

Can I pick my own seats during on Applauze?

In most cases, no.  If you're buying tickets on Applauze (and many other ticketing sites), you won't be able to select specific seats.  It will be "Best Seat Available" mode.  The technology just has not come that far yet -- maybe that will be something they add in the future.

Are you offering some sort of VIP experience?


I'll be offering VIPs as an Add-On, including a meet-and-greet, photo, an exclusive show poster, and the performance of a song you won't hear in the set!

The experience is sold as an "Add-On," which is exactly what it sounds like: you'll need to purchase a ticket first and then purchase a VIP Add-On for the show.  It would be 2 separate transactions.

The following shows WILL NOT have VIP Add-Ons sold through Applauze:

1. In general, any "late" or "second show".  If I'm playing two shows a night, there's just not enough time to turn the house and for me to put on a proper VIP Event.  So for Denver, CO, Pittsburgh, PA, Boston, MA, or Minneapolis, MN, if you want VIP, buy the early show!
2. All Seattle, WA - Jazz Alley shows
3. Las Vegas, NV - Aliante Casino -- however, the casino has select VIP Offerings
4. Newport, CA - Hyatt Newporter
5. Temecula, CA - Thornton Winery

...and I think that's it!  Check out all dates HERE, and click on the links to access tickets.

Thanks for your continued support of the Funk!

See you on the road,



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