"Another Long Night Out" Charts

I'm very pleased to provide all you musicians out there charts from "Another Long Night Out" for free. These are the exact charts that were used in the studio while recording this record. Click HERE to download PDF's of which ever parts you're interested in. I've included Piano Melody/Chords, Master Rhythm, Bass, Drums, Lead Guitar, Sax and Trumpet charts. I am also making 'Music Minus One' mixes (320kbps mp3 files) available for purchase starting Feb 25 on my webstore so that you can play along with all 11 of these songs at home or in your studio! Mixes available are "No Piano" "No Bass" "No Drums" and "Band Only" (which is no piano and no other lead instrument like guitar, sax or trumpet). A lot of musicians ask me for these options regularly and now that I'm releasing this record independently, I can do this. I hope you can take advantage of these and have fun as well. Enjoy! BC