Indiegogo Contributors

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Thank you everyone!!

Please check the names and spellings below as once confirmed, these names will go onto the scrolling credits of the Blu-ray and in the CD liner notes.

Email us at if you would like to update your name/s as soon as possible. We are finalizing the scrolling credits early next week with the video editors.




List of names:

(in no particular order at this point)


Courtney & Andrea Jeter

Sandra Tyler aka "Satin Pearl"

Matthew Chen

Marilyn James & Rick Phetteplace

Rik Bruins

Mary & Rick Van Horne

Sonny & Shannon Dukes

Romer Dela Cruz

Drew Fletcher

Lynzette Boyd

Yolanda Pizarro

Karen & Randy Edgerson

Mike & Crystal Brown

Lisa Thomas

Akira Takeo

Ed & Elva Hillhouse

CelVi Fraz

Ray & Shari Minter

Vaughn Cooper

Ron, Sheila & Clarissa Cemer

Walter & Donna Marie Sebring

Philip DeSimone

Belleaya Lin

Marco Carbone

Nanette Scott

Gloria & David Saraye

Marilynn Jackson-English

Crystal Binford

Ed & Liz Avery

Dave & Jeanette Royce

Lisa C Parker

Humberto Duran

Etta Wilson

Elizabeth White

Cody & Elaine Gibson

Tsutomu Onda

Tony Hedrick

Cathy Powers & 
The Florida Smooth Jazz Foundation

Royal & Deborah Harris

Harrison Taylor

Steve Spain

April Adams

Anthony Newcomb

Scott & Kaylin Union