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Winter Stories

Coming September 2019…

A jazz trio type of album, inspired by the feel of Winter.

Featuring Steve Rodby on acoustic bass and Khari Parker on drums (on brushes), this is Brian’s first foray into a traditional jazz sounding album. It is still melodic and ‘produced’ but at its roots is a very jazz oriented album.

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Watch a recent Facebook LIVE of Brian in his studio playing some of the tracks and talking about the process of making this album:

Track Listing:

  1. Sitting By The Fire

  2. Montana Skies

  3. Morning Walk

  4. Flurries

  5. City Sleigh Ride

  6. Waltz For M

  7. Island Dream

  8. Northern Lights

  9. Frosted Window

  10. Starry Night


Brian Culbertson — Acoustic Piano, Wurlizter, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3 organ, Percussion, and Celeste

Steve Rodby — Acoustic Bass

Khari Parker — Drums

Lenny Castro — Percussion on “City Sleigh Ride” and “Island Dream”

Photos from the sessions:

Joshua Younger — Piano Technician
Steve Rodby — Acoustic Bass
Khari Parker — Drums
Lenny Castro — Percussion
Craig Bauer — Mix Engineer
Dave Collins — Mastering Engineer

Sheet Music:

Hey musicians, I am planning on once again releasing “Music Minus One” mixes of this record (No Piano version, No Drums version, and No Bass version) so that you can play along at home. I will also make the charts available for FREE right here once the album is released in September.

Studio Gear:

For those of you studio cats, here’s a list of the gear used on this recording…

All tracks Recorded and Mixed at 32-Bit/96kHz in ProTools.

Piano: Mason & Hamlin model BB 7’ acoustic grand piano

Piano Microphones: Lewitt Audio LCT 540 “Subzero” (pair)

Piano Mic Pre: Millennia HV-3C

Piano Compressor: GML 8900 (during the mix)

Organ: Vintage Hammond B3 with Leslie speaker

Organ Microphones: Lewitt Audio LCT 540’s (pair) on top, Lewitt Audio LCT 640 on bottom

Organ Mic Pre: Vintage Neve 1272 (stereo) on top, BAE 1073 on bottom mic

Rhodes: Vintage Fender Rhodes (direct)

Rhodes Mic Pre: Millennia HV-3C

Wurlitzer: Vintage Wurlitzer (direct)

Wurly Mic Pre: Vintage Neve 1272

Chimes Microphones: Sennheiser MKH-800’s (pair)

Chimes Mic Pre: Millennia HV-3C

Bongos Microphones: 3 Shure SM57’s (L&R, plus a Center ‘Room’)

Bongos Mic Pres: API’s

Shaker/Tambourine/Clave/Wind Whistle Microphones: Lewitt Audio LCT 540

Shaker/Tambourine/Clave/Wind Whistle Mic Pre: Millennia HV-3C

Acoustic Bass Microphones: Audio Technica AT4047, Kel HM 2D, and Kel 7U. Plus a DI.

Drums Microphones/Signal Flow:
Kick (in): Lewitt Audio DTP 640 REX through a Vintage Neve 1272 mic pre
Kick (out): Yamaha “Sub Kick” through a Heritage 2264 Jr. mic pre
Snare (top): Lewitt Audio MTP 440 DM through a Vintage Neve 1272 mic pre
Snare (bottom): Shure SM57 through a Heritage 2264 Jr. mic pre
Hi-Hat: Lewitt Audio LCT 340 through an API 512C mic pre
Toms: Lewitt Audio DTP 640 TT (2) through 2 Millennia HV35 mic pre’s
OH’s: Sennheiser MKH-800’s (pair) through a Millennia HV-3C stereo mic pre