NEW MUSIC: "Breathe" - coming 9/2

Dear friends,

I'm proud to announce that on Tuesday, September 2nd, I'm going to release a new piece of music entitled "Breathe." This is a continuous 31-minute piano track designed to calm your mind and help you relax. Recorded at exactly 60 beats per minute, it will bring your brain into an alpha state keeping you still conscious but very relaxed. You will be more focused and refreshed after listening. It will also help calm the nerves and aid in sleep as well. 

Like I've posted on my facebook, 'we all need to take some time for ourselves in this increasingly hectic world we share.' I believe this is so true these days and hope you will enjoy the benefits and healing power of music!!

Whether you are getting a massage, practicing yoga or mediation, or simply trying to de-stress, this will definitely help.

It will be available digitally both on this website and on iTunes for just $3.99 starting next Tuesday.

Enjoy and be well...



listen to a clip below: